What's up, I'm Flo!

I am a software developer from Austria 🇦🇹 and very passionate about Frontend Development.

Get To Know Me

I started learning coding in 2010 and since then I programmed with several languages like C, Java, PHP, Ruby and JavaScript.

My true passion is to create modern websites and webapps with state of the art technology. My prefered framework for creating websites these days, is React. I started learning React in 2016 and since then I kept learning new tools, concepts and technologies evolving around React.

Not-Coding Activities

Besides coding I like to play video games and listening to music. If I like a song, I sometimes learn to play it on my guitar. On rainy days (or sunny ones 😅) I also like watching movies and TV shows on Netflix. I try to do more sports, so I train at least 3 days a week with Freeletics workouts or go for a run.

A waffle shape built with cool software logos.


Here are some projects I worked on:

GitHub Activity

Seeing cool Open Source projects others are building excites me.
Here are the latest projects I have starred on GitHub:

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Always Learning

I like to stay up2date, this is why I always continue learning.
Here are some of my favourite online platforms and instructors that I trust and recommend:

Wes Bos